What You Must Know Before You Get Into Live Camera Sex Modeling

You’ll want to find a site that offers an adult merchant account that will allow you to take credit card payments from your viewers. Also, you’ll want to make sure you understand the business of online porn and the rules that go with it.

You should also know that it takes more than a pleasant personality to be successful on cam. Men are biologically structured to seek reproductive value signs, so you’ll want to be in tip top shape.

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Know your product

Before you do a live cam session, be sure to read up on what your sex company expects of both the models and viewers. Some things to watch out for are companies that ask for nude pictures, interview via webcam, or require registration or application fees. These are likely scams.

Your sex show’s content will also play a role in who you find for your sessions. Some girls choose to have more vanilla shows while others have more erotic fetishes like footjobs or candle fetishes. Most models will have a personal “chat etiquette” that tells viewers what they can and cannot do during their sessions.

Lastly, remember that you are paying for the model’s time, so treat them with respect and be polite. Many of these models have real jobs and lives outside of the cam industry, so they aren’t always interested in witty banter or being pestered by fans. That being said, if you’re a dedicated fan, make it clear that you enjoy their work and want to see more of them by regularly tuning in and tipping.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is important in live camera sex modeling. This will determine what type of content you create, from more vanilla affairs to exotic fetishes and roleplay. This will also help you decide how to interact with your fans, such as reading fan mail and announcing private shows!

The best way to learn about your audience is by studying the ones that already exist. Look at their profiles, watch their streams, and see what they’re doing that you aren’t. This will help you find your niche and set yourself apart from the competition!

Also, don’t forget to learn about chat etiquette. Many models can tell right away whether a viewer is a spammer or a time-waster, so be kind and respectful to get yourself into a model’s good graces! And make sure to stay consistent with your schedule so viewers can expect you when they log in. This will build trust and loyalty! And of course, always promote yourself! This is the only way you’ll grow and reach your full potential as a cam model.

Know your limits

If you are a cam model, it is incredibly important to know your limits. It is never a good idea to offer an act that you aren’t comfortable with and it’s always a bad idea to attempt to pressure a model into doing something they don’t want to do. Most models have a list of their rules and limits posted on their ‘model menu’ or “about me” page that they can refer to during a live session. Also, never reveal any personal data such as your name, address or phone number to strangers on sites like Chaturbate and always use a pseudonym for camming and social media.

It is also a good idea to be respectful of models and treat them as you would want to be treated. It can be very easy to get in a cam model’s good graces, especially if you are a dedicated fan or room member that regularly tunes in and tips. However, bad manners and rudeness can quickly lead to a ban from a cam room. Also, avoid being on cam if you are having a sour mood as that can be offputting to viewers.

Know your equipment

Whether you’re a cam model looking to get started or already established, having the right equipment is essential. This includes a high-quality webcam that can record in HD and reduce noise as well as a microphone for better sound quality.

In addition, it’s important to have a secure payment method. This includes having a merchant account that allows you to accept credit and debit card payments. It’s also advisable to have KYC (know your customer) checks that verify age and other information during the signup process.

It may seem obvious, but respect and courtesy are paramount in the sex worker-client relationship. As such, models should avoid chatting excessively with fans in the beginning and always treat their followers with decency. Awesome and Night recommend introducing yourself as you enter the room and participating in chat when it’s appropriate. They believe this will help dedicated fans and room members warm up to newcomers more quickly. It’s also a good idea to bring sex toys in your room to increase tips and to make the show more interactive.

Know your content

Webcam models must have a strong grasp of their content. This is especially important when it comes to sex work. Some forms of pornography are illegal or deemed inappropriate by sponsors, and this could lead to termination of the model’s merchant account. For this reason, it’s imperative that cam models avoid explicit scenes, as well as any scenes involving rape or excessive force. In addition, cam models should also know what types of things their fans are most eager to see and tease them with hints. This will ensure that they get the maximum amount of tips and erotic satisfaction.

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